The Bucket List

Who doesn't have one?  My life is pretty full already, but there is always room for more adventure.  What's on your Bucket List??  Here is mine!

Travel to Peru and Lake Titicaca
Explore India with Risha 
South Africa!
 New Zealand!
Explore Portugal
Travel to Morocco
Check out those Pyramids in Egypt
Road trip through Canada!
Explore Kenya
Go to Burningman
Be In A Circus
Run over a line of traffic cones
Joy ride on the back of a motorcycle 
Get Recorded
Polar Bear Dip!
Sky Dive
Get Married
Have kids
Give Birth
Keep Chickens
Do ALL 108 sun salutations
Have a Ridgeback
Own my own business
Pose nude in art classes
Run naked in the rain
Skinny dip in a lake
Go to Rainbow Festival
 Sweat Lodge
See the Aurora Borealis
Go to College
Live in the country
Live in the city
Walk for a cause
Learn how to speak a second language fluently
Learn how to play the guitar
Learn how to belly dance
Learn how to aerial dance
Learn how to fire dance
Write a book
Catch, kill, gut and skin a rabbit to make some yummy stew