Sunday, July 15, 2012

Disco Pose

Well friends, it has been a while.  Sorry for the absence, I suspect that the upcoming months may be spotty in terms of blogging.  These days, between all the normal everyday duties of being a mom, I find myself trying to pack our house up to get ready for our move this fall.  The plan is to be on Orcas by the 15th of September, so between now and then, I'm sure my multi tasking skills will increase tenfold and I will also sprout a few more grey hairs.  I will, at some point, talk about this experience in more depth on my blog, but at the moment, forget it.  I am busy busy busy.  

I did however, today, somehow squeeze in some time to surf around Pinterest and found WobiSobi, a fun looking blog that I can't wait to dig into a little deeper (when I have more time!).  Her easy shirt tutorial inspired me to dig up an old shirt and try it out. I can't hold back when I get an itch to create something new.  It took me all of 5 minutes and I managed to turn an old rag shirt into something I'll actually wear!  The only thing I did differently was to cut the "straps" into three sections, tie a knot at the base and braid them, just for a little twist.  Anyway, that's all for today folks, back to packing!  

My disco pose!  Go Girl!

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