Monday, June 11, 2012

Operation Orcas Take 5: "Closing"

Let me introduce you to our forest!

Operation Orcas Take 5 begins today, . . . we "close" on our new home and Gary leaves to make his first drive up to Washington!  Holy cow!  WE ARE DOING THIS (that's me telling myself that this is actually happening)!  We have talked about it for years and now that it is in our near future, it's all becoming a bit surreal for me.  I'm excited, but there is a LOT to be done to wrap things up here.  

A little blurb about our new abode, . . . the house is on a parcel of land that been assessed by the state of Washington and put on a plan to help keep the "forest" maintained and "kept".  You heard me right, . . . "forest", . . . we are now, well, will hopefully be later today, proud owners of our own little forest.  Wether or not we continue the current plan or begin a new one remains to be seen at this point, however, we do hope to jump on the bandwagon.  This is one of the reasons why we wanted to move in the first place, to find some land and to "work" it. 

So, as you may have inferred, I'm going to be at home with the two kids all by my lonesome this week.  Eeeek.  I would be very surprised if you heard much from me, but who knows, perhaps in the wee hours of the night I will be craving a little blog time.  Anyway, that's all of my free time for the moment, I must get the day going (dishes washed, laundry, bla bla bla). My goals for the week, . . . try to remain sane, relax, have fun with my kids, make sure to get some sleep, keep everybody fed and hydrated.  I think that's a good plan!  That's all folks!

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