Friday, June 8, 2012

Food Fiesta!

My sweetie loves her "compartment plate", after-all, it does have fairies on it.  This morning she made "strawberry heads with big ears".  Ok.  Sounds good to me!

Serafin is not always easy when it comes to food.  When she was really little she would eat everything, EVERYTHING!  Now, she definitely expresses her dislike for certain foods, even before she has tried it (go figure!), which can be kind of frustrating.  Lately I've had a bit of a different approach to the whole food issue, . . . I'm trying not to be so darned uptight when it comes to her eating! 

My mantra, . . . "let go Jessica, . . LET GO!" (In fact, that's a mantra I repeat to myself daily in many other circumstances--go ahead, try it, it helps).

"Let go" of control, I mean.  As long as it's not getting out of hand, so what if she wants to stick her spoon in her cup and drink flavored water?  Who cares if she wants to take her Cheerios out of her bowl and make "funny face" designs out of them, who am I to discourage her creativity?  Why not put raisins on a pizza?  Although I now there are times when table etiquette is needed, there are also times when I need to just let her lead the show.  As a result,  although she isn't necessarily eating more, we seem to be having more fun at the table!  Here are a few fun food things we've done!

A meal during "Rainbow Week" when we learned about the colors of the rainbow.

I was missing the beach the day I made this--that's peanut butter in the middle and raisins for coconuts.  The trunk of the palm tree is a piece of cheese.  Mmmmm.

Peas and Sausage for breakfast, strawberry eyes and a string cheese nose.  Why the heck not?

Here's our raisin pizza face!  Serafin rolled the dough herself!

 And a picture of my little doll, I love her so much.
"Yes, I'm much happier when Mommy chills out!"

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