Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tasty Tea # 1: Moon Tea

After waking up my usual time to feed Silas I noticed the moon was shining strong through the windows. I thought of my Mom and "moon tea". She loved making moon tea. I got my jug out, filled it with water and a hand-full of chamomile tea. Then I set it out to steep in the light of the moon. Yum. If you do make some moon tea, don't forget to cover it up so that bugs don't fly in, they sure do love chamomile. You can do it with any tea that steeps well in cold water, I just happen to love chamomile.

The picture above was the outcome I woke up to the next morning. Imagine it's dark out and the moon is reflecting off of this jug of water. It was actually quite beautiful, but I had problems catching it on my camera because it was friggin freezing out there and I was in my pjs, plus, I'm not that hardcore to insist on a good blog picture at one in the morning! Hope you make some and enjoy it!


  1. I have created Sun Tea but I think Moon Tea sounds more delicious for those late nights! Plus the rays of the moon are less harsh on my glassware hehe. =]

  2. you should bring it in before the sun rises the suns rays blow the effects of the moon water. if you dont know of moon water look it up its a pagan thing. its made very much the same but the moment the sun hits all the effects of the moons light are ruined.