Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For Serafin's Room, . . .

Remember those hearts I cast and molded a few weeks ago?  Well, I finally got around to putting this cute little piece together to hang up in my sweet Serafin's room.  She does love hearts and this way we can keep learning about a few new colors too!  

I have to admit, I miss the hubby and daughter, but since they've been gone I've managed to catch up on the laundry, throw in a few extra blog pieces, get a little more sleep, clean out my craft room and put this little art project together.  So nice!  Despite the fact that i'm still waking up three times a night to feed the babe, it has been like a mini-vacation!  Goes to show you how our perspective changes once we have kids!  I'm picking them up at the airport this evening, can't wait to wrap my arms around my sweeties!  Then, . . . it's back to the chaos!

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