Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tasty Teas # 2: Tea for Teething

Guaranteed to knock both you and your child out!

Many of you have asked about the tea that I use for my teething children. I can not imagine not having these herbs on hand in my home.  I have found the stuff to work incredibly well to calm and sooth an unhappy child; whether they are teething, have a headache, over stimulated, whatever. It works like a charm on us adults too!  I've been drinking a cup every night these days, I kind of consider it my "night cap". It helps to wind me down and sleep better.  Silas gets it through my breast milk as well. 

I got the list of ingredients from Aviva Jill Romm's book, which I have plugged here.  The combination of herbs is simple; here's what I do: in a large jar, combine equal parts chamomile flowers, lavender flowers, catnip and lemon balm.  The longer you steep, the stronger it gets!  We keep this tea by the quart size jar in our house, it goes fast!

 When Serafin started teething at 5 months, I used to give it to her by the spoonful. When she got older I would put it in a bottle or a sippy cup and have her drink it herself, she still drinks it sometimes.   I'm sure I will do the same with Mr. Silas.  I have to give it to Mother Nature, she really does offer us some wonderful gifts!

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