Sunday, January 1, 2012

What's all the fuss, they're only boobs!

I recently participated in a nationwide nurse-in at a Target store here in the Bay Area. Mamas all over the US were nursing their little ones in public to advocate for a women's right to breast-feed out in the open after a woman was harassed for doing it in a Texas Target store. Can you believe that in some states, it's actually illegal to feed your little on in a public space? This is something I will never understand and actually infuriates me. When did feeding our children become something that is defined as anything other than beautiful (not to mention necessary)?

Some of my most intimate times with my children have been staring down at them as they nurse away, breast-feeding is an amazingly bonding experience. Mostly, these moments occur in the comfort of my home. Life, however, moves on and we can't always be sitting in our rockers, at home gazing into our little ones eyes. Breast-feeding my little one in public does not come out of any desire to show off or prove a point (accept at a Target Nurse-In of course), it is only out of necessity. If I'm in a restaurant or grocery store and my baby needs food, there is no stopping me. I also don't feel the need to cover up (unless I'm cold). How would you like to eat with a sheet over your head? Breast-feeding is not pornography. Breast-feeding is not dirty. Breast-feeding is natural and encourages good health for both mama and baby.

Anyway, good job mamas for advocating for our rights and our children's rights! Here is the link to the news segment, in which yours truly was interviewed (my first real debut, ha ha). To all you mamas out there, don't be afraid to feed your children!

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  1. I agree. Good job staying confident in your interview too, by the way.