Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bath Toy Graveyard

I knew bath toys were a nasty germ collector, but these pictures, by The Cheese Thief, really hit home.  Do I really want my  kids to be playing with these in their tub?  No.  And, gosh darn it, over the years, we've collected so many of them!  So upon remarking to the hubby that I wanted to get rid of them, he looked at me and said, "Hmmm, how can we take them out of the system?  I mean completely."  He was right, if we gave them to The Exchange (which actually just burned down, however they are rebuilding), then some other kid would just be playing with our nasties.  If we threw them away, they would end up in a landfill!  Neither felt good.  Gary was right, we hat to figure out a way to put these toys to rest for good!

We toyed with a few ideas, I really liked the idea of gluing them to the ceiling of the kids bathroom or even hanging them from a tree, but somehow, "the bath toy graveyard" seemed the most appealing to me.  So this afternoon, I got some bamboo sticks and stuck 'em up the bath toy butts to make a lovely, depending on who you talk to, decoration for our garden.  Yup, it was all very highly amusing.  During the process, I did peak inside one of them, and yes people it was disgusting.  Regardless, here is my bouquet of sodomized bath toys.  Ha ha, now I'm making myself laugh.

After letting some glue dry, Serafin and I went outside to pick a good spot to "lay the toys to rest".  Now they peak out from underneath this tree and throw in a splash of color!  Now, what's next?  Gotta figure out what to do with those bottle caps we've been collecting!  


  1. What a great idea! I just came across your blog through Tinkerlab on FB....think I"ll be stopping by! :)

  2. This is so adorable and made me laugh:) I know what you mean about the bath toys being disgusting, I ended up throwing ours away and now we just have a bunch of stuff that I can throw in the dishwasher when I think about it. Thanks for sharing at Share it Saturday!