Sunday, December 11, 2011

Home for the holidays!

(Sweet Serafin getting into the Christmas spirit. I made some stuffed felt stars and she is decorating them to give away as gifts, . . . I love being a mom!)

Happy Holidays to everybody!

This year has been very different. With a newborn in the house it has been hard to really think about doing much besides breastfeeding, eating, sleeping and changing dirty diapers! That said, I have managed to pull out the x-mas decorations and jazz up the house. How could I not? Serafin is enjoying the festivities and I think X-mas day will be fun. In fact, I think mostly I will get joy out of watching her wonder and awe at everything. She is amazing. Before I know it we will have two crazy kids running around! Here is a brief holiday tour of our crazy house!

The hearth, . . . it's a family tradition to have handmade stockings. My mom made mine when I was little and I've made one for each of the rest of my family. Silas' isn't quite finished yet (note the bear is missing his head!), but I figure I have a little while before he wonders what's going on! On top of the fireplace is our snow-globe collection! We probably have about 8 or 9 Christmas snow-globes, the ones up there are mostly the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade globes. This is the first year that Serafin has been intrigued by them, she wants them to "play" and sits there pointing out all the charters she sees. They will be hers and Silas' one day.

The Tree!! (and the munchkin!)

Snowflakes in California??

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