Monday, December 12, 2011

My X-Mas Angel

I've been slightly melancholic these days, not in a bad way, just feeling the ebb and flow of life. Winter is a time to go inside, to hibernate. This will be my second x-mas ever without my mom around and I'm definitely feeling the loss of her. This holiday was very special to my mom and she always planned it out practically to the minute. Last year when we had the first real x-mas celebration at our home (we usually did it at mom and dad's house) I asked Dad for the "x-mas angel". My mom had embroidered this angel that would sit on top of the family tree every year since I can remember. Then one evening while we were enjoying some x-mas spirit Gary pointed out that the Angel actually kind of looked like my mom. It so made me feel like my mom was standing on top of the tree watching over us. And once again, this year, I put the angel on the tree and my mom is shining down on us. Miss you mom, love you. xoxo

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