Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tasty Teas #5: Roobois

We don't do all loose leaf teas in this house. Choice Roobois tea is one of our favorite bagged teas. Roobois is a red tea, it's caffeine free and is packed with anti oxidants. They use it in South Africa to help in calming children. It's a very relaxing, deliciously tasting tea. Mmmmmmm. 

 I used to love to drink black tea during my "England Days", but I'm pretty much a no caffeine girl  now.  Roobois is a nice alternative and you can add milk and sugar just like you might to a cup of "English Breakfast" tea. You get a nice nutty flavor, mild, but just strong enough. We've tried many different types of Roobois and have found that the Choice bags are good for the price you pay. For my British hubby, I have to say, it is his tea of Choice (ha ha, pun definitely intended!).  We by them in bulk, six boxes at a time, that's how much we love it!

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