Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beans and Rice (oh yeah, and split peas too)!

An easy sensory bin as well as sorting challenge!  
Miss Serafin was at this for about 40 minutes, . . .

Here Goes, . . .
A little bit of rice and beans, I added split peas too for a splash of color!

She got straight to it and wanted to stick her hands in and feel the grains running between her fingers.  Part of the challenge was to keep everything inside the pan (wink wink).

When she was done "feeling", I gave her two plates to separate the beans and split peas from the rice.  She managed the black beans, but the split peas were a little too small and she lost interest after a while.  Note to self, next time, maybe garbanzos or kidneys!  Perhaps a set of tweezers might make it interesting!

After she was finished sorting she wasn't sure what to do with herself, enter spoons for another ten minutes of fun!

I decided to call it quits when she wanted to stick her face in the pan, after all, what comes after that?  I'm sure whatever it would have been,  it would have been fun, but I wasn't in the mood for any major cleaning!

When you're done, throw it in a pot, cook 'em up for the birds!

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