Sunday, February 17, 2013

Orcas Dreams 6: Shades of Green

The beauty on Orcas.
As I left Orcas today to head into Seattle I was once again stunned by the beauty of this place.  Mist was clinging to the trees and the hillsides showed a thousand different shades of green.  How has it come that I am so lucky to live in a place such as this?  In Japan, people have do what's called "Forest Bathing", where they travel outside of their crazy cement jungle to be surrounded by green.  On Orcas, I am always surrounded by green.  Green.  Mmmmm, the color of the heart chakra.  The color of life.

At the ferry landing.  "See you soon Orcas Island!"

This is the second time this month I have come into Seattle, a necessary thing for me to do.  Sometimes I need to be around the buzz of the city to remind me why I like my quiet.  This need gets so strong at times that I begin to feel trapped on the island (a total illusion I realize once I get off of it!).  Funny thing is, now, when I drive off the ferry onto the mainland, I notice how my heart rate increases and my adrenaline begins to amp up.  Like I'm trying to find some "lost skills", as a friend had put it; or pay attention to things I haven't had to deal with in months.  I have seen more cars on the drive from Anacortes to Seattle than I have on the Island, where I have been for half a year.  I become bombarded by lights, cars, sounds and various other types of mental and emotional stimulai.  

When I am in the city, I notice my paranoia creeping in, "lock your doors!", "I'm exposed here.", "Why is he staring at my like that?", "Hold your purse tighter." Have I already become such a country gal?  Could it  have really happened that fast?  Or perhaps I've always been a country gal at heart and have instantly found myself at peace in my new home?  It's strange to say, but Orcas Dreams is now my reality and coming into the city now feels more surreal and dreamlike!

Bathing in sunlight.  I wanted to strip off my clothes and be totally naked in it, but alas, it was too cold.

 As for family updates, . . . winter has been tough, particularly January and February.  Yes people, the winter kicked my ass.  It was not so much the rain or the cold, but the darkness.  I found myself craving sunlight and praying to the skies for some good old vitamin D.  When the sun would peek through the clouds I would go outside and feel its warm caress upon my face.  

My sweet husband also struggled this winter.  In December he fell down and cracked a rib.  The combination of bed rest and lack of sun affected his mood and he went through, and is still struggling with, a depression.  This particularly was hard for me because I felt so helpless and it hurt to see somebody I love struggling so much.  I have lots of thoughts about depression and am trying to learn more about detaching with love and not become so taken in by others energy.  Alas, that will be for another blog post.

The kids are doing well, Silas is here in Seattle with me, it's a nice little refuge, as I know he will be going to bed fairly early and I will get some extra me time, hopefully! Although the cute little guy is teething hardcore, two of his molars just came and he has two more coming in on the other side.  That can't be fun for him.  There has been a lot of drool and a lot of tears, particularly at night.  Fingers crossed for some good sleep this weekend.
Silas enjoying his upside down time!

Ms. Serafin is at home having some Daddy time.  I'm glad for the two of them.  Since Gary has been sick Serafin has been missing spending her usual rough and tumble time with him.  I think this weekend will be a good opportunity for them to spoil each other and give each other love.
Serafin playing in front of the Orcas Center; our local theater which holds classes and puts on many different drama acts and shows.

Serafin is enjoying Orcas and finally calls it home!  As she makes new friends on the island, she speaks less and less of her old home.  She seems to be getting more comfortable in her shoes and each day I look at her and am amazed at what a beautiful girl we have, inside and out.  I am such a lucky mama.  

Yes!  Spring is on its way!  

Anyway my friends, I am happy to report that I have noticed the first buds appearing on the trees and sprouts coming out from the ground.  The days are lasting a little longer and  there is no need for my heavy jacket anymore.  I am excited to see what spring will bring in this new home of ours.  We plan on digging a pond this summer and possibly start keeping chickens.  We'll see.  I'm sure, regardless, you will hear all about it.  Love, love looooooove to you all!  xoxo

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  1. Jess! I was just thinking of you all this evening, wondering how you all are, and have been catching up reading all your Dragonfly Doings. I'm sorry to hear the winter has been a little rough for you . . . and glad to see you celebrating signs of Spring. Please give my love to all the other Dorringtons. Warm hugs and helloes from Montclair!