Sunday, April 21, 2013

Robot Rampage

 Um, my daughter is obsessed with robots.  As you may know, she was Plex (Yo Gabba Gabba) last Halloween.  She still dons her robot costume every once and a while and walks around the house saying "All systems A-OK".  Sometimes she even does a robot dance with stiff arms and legs.   

Here is a tour of the different robots in our house. . .

"This is Robot Feeree.  She comes from Peeree.  She likes to play on the swings and her favorite color is purple."

We are slowly working to color this robot who hangs out in our living room window.  He doesn't have a name yet, but he is Robot Plex's cousin apparently.

Ms. Serafin even insisted on a robot sandwich one morning!  She ate his entire body first and left his face.  Then she slowly picked off the raisins.  

And of course. . . we made use of her lego set.   This robot took some time to make as Silas doesn't share the same appreciation for robots as Serafin does, duh, he's only 1!  He came over and bulldozed our poor creation about three times before we managed to finish and put him higher and out little brother's reach!

That's all for now folks, over and out!  Bleeeeeeep!

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  1. I enjoyed seeing all of the robots around your house! Paaloma hasn't gotten there yet but my husband is trying. He took her to some robot wars competition in San Jose this last weekend. Serafin would have loved it!