Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fig Juice!

When I was a kid I used to get warts.   My Yaya (Greek grandmother) used to hold my hand up to the moon every day for a week and mumble some greek poetry.  Somehow a few weeks later, any wart I had magically fell off or disappeared.  Yes, I'm totally serious.  I don't know what she said or how it happened, but somehow, it worked.  Fortunately I haven't had a "witches bump" for some time, but if one shows up on me, or one of my kids, I may not know what to say under the moon's light, but I will know how to handle it, . . .

This morning when I was out in the front garden and admiring the first ripe fig of the year, I was reminded of something my mom taught me during one of our many herb conversations.  "The sap from a fig tree will get rid of your warts!"  It's easy!  Put a little sap, or "fig juice" as we used to call it, on your wart each day, twice a day to speed things up, and cover it with a band-aid.  A few weeks later your wart should be gone!  It's amazing what is growing in our own gardens.  Never under-estimate the power of mother nature!  

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