Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mold and casting fun!

(Heart and foot casts! The smallest foot is Silas', it needs to be redone as it didn't come out all that great, the other is Serafin's foot at about 10 months. The mold in the background is for her current 2 1/2 year old foot which came out quite cool! You can see her painting it below.)

So I know it's past Valentine's Day now, but hearts are fun any time of the year, right? I made a mold and cast of Serafin's foot when she was a babe and thought it was about the right time to make one of Silas'. I put together the mold and had a bit of extra casting material and started to think about what to do with it. One thing I have in my arsenal of goodies is different shaped ice trays, perfect for making fun shaped ice or juice cubes for the kiddos and, in this case, perfect as a casting mold!

Serafin had fun painting her foot as well as a few hearts. I do have a project in mind for the rest of those little hearts, but, of course haven't gotten around to it, . . it involves Jess time ( VERY limited!), paint (gotta dig it out), canvas (just bought!) and a sunny day (will be coming soon.). Anyway, that will be inspiration for another blog piece! Any other fun ideas for molds and casts?

For anybody wanting to do casts of their kids, we got our kit here. Worth every penny and I think I've done about 5 molds with it so far. I think next time I may just by the mold and casting material separately and work out the proportions (might be cheaper that way), but this was a good starting point for me as a beginner.

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  1. What! Why have feet molds never occurred to me? So cute!