Saturday, April 14, 2012

Catnip teething pops!

Catnip isn't just for cats, it has quite an amazing impact on us two legged creatures as well!  While giving a handful of this herb to our furry friends makes them go a bit crazy, it has the opposite affect on us.  When I drink a cup of catnip tea I find myself winding down and getting sleepy.  It helps calm the nervous system and is an analgesic, pain reliever.  

Catnip has been given to children as a teething remedy for ages.  It is a very gentle herb.  I figured, since ice also helps numb the gums, I thought I could give Silas a double wammy and hit him with two teething tricks at once.  Henceforth we began making catnip teething pops!

They are simple to make, just brew some catnip tea, using a ration of 1 Tsp to 1 cup of water.  Once the brew  has cooled, freeze the tea in ice-cube trays.  When you child is driving you batty and needs something to gnash on, you can either put one in one in a mesh feeder, or, my more preferred method, put it in a cloth napkin, secure it with a knot or piece of string and let your child go to town.  If anything, it will give your kiddo something to do for a little while!  Poor little ones, teething is no fun!

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