Friday, April 6, 2012

Remembering Mom

April 6th, . . . two years since Mom passed.  I miss her so much.  Today I will light a candle, have a cup of tea, and think of her.  Lemon Balm will be appropriate.  She always loved that tea, plus it's a wonderful and tasty herb tea that helps relax the nervous system.  If you have a moment, please share some fond memories you have of her below in the "comments section".  Her memory lives on inside us.  

Remembering Mom, . . . 

There are so many memories, here are a few, . . .

Listening to her heart beat as she rocked me when I was a child.
The firm grip she held on my arm when she pulled me away from something I should not be doing.
Telling me about the "birds and the bees" and what it was to become a woman.
Fixing me herbal concoctions for my health and well being. 
Catching my tears when I would cry about something.
Using spit to clean the dirt off from my cheek (she still attempted to do this even as I  became an adult!).
Walking with her and her telling me what herbs were what.
Picking plants with her and making medicine.
Staying up late, studying for tests and writing essays with her help.
Cooking with her and eating her delicious food. 
The trips, the car rides, the long plane flights, the world we saw together.
Watching "Survivor"!
Gossiping on the phone.
The holidays.
Hanging out.
Feeling Loved.

And some memories in photos, if you have any to add, please forward them to me via email and I will include them, . . . 

Greece!  Oh what feasts we had!

More feasting, and this one cooked by Mom of course, she was an amazing cook!

More adventures!  We travelled all over the world together.

My baby shower for Serafin.

Fun times

X-mas time, her favorite holiday.

Funny Faces (my mom was never too shy when it came to being a goof)

Bora Bora

On the front lawn with my greek yaya.

Feeling the energy in a stone circle with Dad.

Rocking Serafin.

When Paul and I were little.


  1. How lucky you are to have such fond memories or your mother.
    Not to mention the times and stories you will pass down to your children.

    I wish I had the chance to meet her.


  2. Thank you Jess for this wonderful tribute to your Mom. I have so many wonderful memories of her and have been thinking about her all day. I love that when I look around my house I see many gifts that she gave me over the years. She was such an amazing gift giver. She was so thoughtful in not only her material gifts, but also her emotional gifts. She was an amazing role model!

    Sending you love, Michelle

    Memories of my Aunt Marion
    Eating egg salad sandwiches and Black and Tan sundae's at Fenton's
    Marion and Jess brining me Fenton's ice-cream after each of my daughters were born
    Getting great cooking and childrearing advice
    Having her support with college applications for my daughters
    Her amazing parties in St. Helena
    Going to the nursery to pick out plants for my garden together

  3. I miss Marion too! As your childhood best friend I reaped the benefits of being in Marion's warm and loving home often. I remember:

    the gentle way she would always call me sweetie
    her secretly giving me a portable tv when my parents were 'restricting my privileges!"
    listening attentively to my problems
    making delicious spaghetti
    reminding me of bathroom procedures in her house in napa 'if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down!'
    having the most wonderful hair and hairstyle, including the beautiful combs she used
    her strength
    the closeness between her and Jessica